Was the Hulkamania Era that good, or is it a case of rose-tinted glasses?

Find out as OSW reviews all the big WWF shows from the 80s in chronological order! It's a podcast recapping the show, considered discussion, wrestler anecdotes & how it relates/affects wrestling today - all set to VIDEO FOOTAGE of the show!

All three panelists (Jay Hunter, Steve & Steve) are 20+ year wrestling fans & longtime friends from Dublin, Ireland. By trade, Jay and Steve are Junior Doctors and Steve (Mr. OOC) has a PhD in Engineering. Older episodes feature Niall (Neo), an architect currently working in Germany.

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OSW Audio: Survivor Series '87OSW Audio: Wrestlemania 3OSW Audio: Wrestlemania 2OSW Audio: The Wrestling ClassicOSW Review: AUDIO VERSION#1!

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